Kenjiro Kitamura

Kenjiro Kitamura

Bird Commission case file number 1011. Custodian file number 5090. (Source: lac_rg33-69_volume_50_file_1011)
He was born on 5 January 1892. He was the owner of a drug store named Taishodo, 301 Powell Street, Vancouver, BC. His family includes Teru Kitamura (wife; nee Teru Kamitakahara), Victor Kitamura [also listed as Kenichi Kitamura] (son), and Arthur Kitamura [also listed as Ryoji Kitamura] (son). His home address is listed as 301 Powell Street, Vancouver, BC. He was forcibly uprooted to Slocan, BC and Toronto, ON.


Regularized NameKenjiro Kitamura
Street 301-303 Powell St
Custodian Identification Number5090
NationalityNaturalized Canadian
Residence (after uprooting)Slocan, BC
Residence (after uprooting)Toronto, ON
Residence (before uprooting)Vancouver


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Shared Surnames

NameSee also
Kitaro Kitamura
Eitaro Kitamura
Emiko Kitamura
Esae Kitamura
Fumie Kitamura
Fumiko Kitamura
G Kitamura
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Genosuko Kitamura
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Katsu Kitamura
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Kenjiro Kitamura
Kenjiro Kitamura
Kenjiro Kitamura
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Mari Kitamura
Masaru Kitamura
Masaye Kitamura
Masui Kitamura
Michiko Kitamura
Mina Kitamura
Minoru Kitamura
Misako Kitamura
Misako Kitamura
Misako Kitamura
Miyoko Kitamura
Moto Kitamura
Mrs. M Kitamura
Nanichi Kitamura
Naoichi Kitamura
Naoichi Kitamura
Nobuye Kitamura
Sanya Kitamura
Senjirou Kitamura
Sentaro Kitamura
Shigeno Kitamura
Shinichi Kitamura
Shinichi Kitamura
Shio Nakagawa
Shizu Kitamura
Shizuko Kitamura
Shizuko Kitamura
Shotaro Kitamura
Sukezaemon Kitamura
Sukezaemon Kitamura
Sukezaemon Kitamura
Suye Kitamura
T Kitamura
T Kitamura
T. Kitamura
Tadao Kitamura
Takaaki Kitamura
Takaaki Kitamura
Takaaki Kitamura
Takaaki Kitamura
Takaaki Kitamura
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Teru Kitamura
Teruko Kitamura
Tokizo Kitamura
Tokizo Kitamura
Tokizou Kitamura
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Tomi Kitamura
Toshikazu Kitamura
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Toyojiro Kitamura
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Yosashichi Kitamura
Yoshi Kitamura
Yoshi Kitamura
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Yoshio Kitamura
Yoshio Kitamura
Yoshiye Kitamura
Yososhichi Kitamura
Yosoushichi Kitamura
Yosoya Kitamura
Z Kitamura
Zenichi Kitamura
Zenkuro Kitamura
Zenkuro Kitamura
Zenkurou Kitamura
Zenshirou Kitamura


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