Terms of Use

Terms of Use

General Terms

These records are provided for research purposes only. For use beyond research, permission must be received from the original repository. No reproduction (for example of pdf or audio files) is allowed without the permission of the original repository. All responsibility for copyright infringement and invasion of privacy arising from use of reproductions is assumed by the user.
The original repository accession information is displayed in the page for each archival object or in the Source field in the metadata of each archival object's page. Click on the Metadata link to see the metadata. The original repository (or repositories) is displayed on the repository page for each of the Other Archival Record sources and on the collection page for each special collection (for example the Custodian Case Files). The following list is provided as a convenience, but the metadata on each page takes priority in the case of disagreement.

Original Repository for Each Collection

Custodian Case Files : Library and Archives Canada
Oral Histories : Landscapes of Injustice project
Protest Letters : Library and Archives Canada
Legal Cases : various, see metadata on page of individual case
Land Titles : BC Lands Titles and Survey Authority
Land Lots : BC Lands Titles and Survey Authority
Fishing Boat Ledger : Nikkei National Museum
Fishing Vessel Request letters : Library and Archives Canada or BC Archives, see metadata on page of individual letter
Directories : Vancouver Public Library
Other Archival files : various, see metadata on page for individual record, or link on page for repository
Miscellaneous : Suspicious Persons report : Library and Archives Canada
Miscellaneous : histories of Steveston, Haney and Mission : Nikkei National Museum

Other files created by Landscapes of Injustice

For permission to reproduce or publish XML files, index files, pages in the Data section of the site or similar pages created by the Landscapes project, contact the project.

Selective Digitizing Within Records Gathered by the Project

Many of the pdf files in the Landscapes collections are selected portions of the document from the source institution (for example a document of the minutes of a meeting will contain the minutes of the full meeting on the original source institution's site, but only the pages relevant to the project on this project's site. This is described in the Immediate Source of Acquisition section of the page for the document. If you are in any doubt about the completeness of the pdf file on the project site, please confirm against the document in the source institution. Reference information is provided on each record's page on our site, often with additional information in the metadata (viewable by clicking on the metadata link).



Terms of Use
Publication Information: See Terms of Use for publication and licensing information.
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Readers of these historical materials will encounter derogatory references to Japanese Canadians and euphemisms used to obscure the intent and impacts of the internment and dispossession. While these are important realities of the history, the Landscapes of Injustice Research Collective urges users to carefully consider their own terminological choices in writing and speaking about this topic today as we confront past injustice. See our statement on terminology, and related sources here.