Landscapes of Injustice Research Collective
Three researchers discuss archival documents
Art Miki and Audrey Kobayashi
Group portrait of the Landscapes of Injustice collective
Group portrait of the museum exhibit team
Lorene Oikawa and Greg Miyanaga
Michael and Natsuki Abe
Nicole Yakashiro and Mary Kitagawa
Jordan Stanger-Ross with Vivian Wakabayashi Rygnestad


Landscapes of Injustice is a research project headquartered at the Centre for Asia Pacific Initiatives at the University of Victoria, with collaborators across Canada. The team includes researchers, community leaders, elders, archivists, and teachers dedicated to revealing the history of the dispossession of Japanese Canadians. Each of us inherits these histories of injustice as well as the responsibility to tell them.

Our team believes that all Canadians should know about the dispossession of Japanese Canadians in the 1940s. After four years of research, a small group of students, Research Coordinator Kaitlin Findlay, and Project Director Jordan Stanger - Ross met regularly to summarize what we had learned. Josh van Es, a UVic student, wrote a first draft of the website based on these conversations and many project publications. The project’s Steering Committee and its Community Council hope that the results will be meaningful to members of the Japanese Canadian community, the general Canadian public, and future researchers.

This website is based on the research of the Landscapes of Injustice research collective, which is brought together in Landscapes of Injustice, a new book with McGill-Queen’s University Press. The site was written by Kaitlin Findlay, Jordan Stanger-Ross, Josh van Es, and Morghan Watson.

Additional sources used in the development of this site include:

Landscapes of Injustice Book Cover

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