F G Shears to Tatsuro Suzuki, 1944

F G Shears to Tatsuro Suzuki, 1944

J.L. No. 633


Department of the Secretary of State

Office of the Custodian

Japanese Evacuation Section

File No. 11499
Registration No. 10959
506 Royal Bank Building, Vancouver, B.C.
Tatsuro Suzuki Dear Sir:
Re: South side River Road, Sunbury, B.C. Mun. of Delta, Lot 4 of part of a 30 acre portion of Lot 131, Group 2, Map 6284, Dis. of New Westminster, C. of E.. 50707
You have previously been advised that a sale of lands in rural districts was entered into between this Department and The Director, The Veterans' Land Act.
Due to the size of this transaction, the arrangements for same and the completion of the transfer have taken considerable time. Negotiations were started in the early part of 1943 and were based upon valuations made by qualified appraisers and on the basis of a sale effective as at January 1st of that year. This means that the 1943 revenues from the property were for the benefit of the purchasers, but that taxes, fire insurance and other operating charges were assumed by them.
The following statement showing the sale price and adjustments:
Sale Price of above described property $1,931.00
Unexpired insurance premium as at January 1st, 1943 35.33
Tax arrears to December 31st, 1942
Registration fee $3.00
--Interest 3.00
Net proceeds of sale $1,963.33
This amount has been placed to your credit and a statement of your account is endorsed hereon showing the present balance on our books. A small amount for legal fees in connection with conveyance to the Veterans' land will be charged later.
Yours truly, Director
File No. 11499
Reg. No. 10959
Date Particulars Debit Credit Balance
1942 September 10 Rents collected $25.00
Commission $1.25
November 12 Rents collected 50.00
Commission 2.50
November 13 Taxes 35.48
December 14 Rents collected 25.00
Commission 1.25 CR $59.52
1943 January 1 Credit re Sale of Property $1,963.33
Land Registry Office - Certificate of Ecumbrance 1.00
January 13 Rent 16/31 December 1942 11.85
April 2 Cheque to you 100.00
August 7 Cheque to you 42.00
1944 April 18 Returned premium re cancelled Fire Insurance $1.65
May 11 Proceeds Auction Sale 1.90
May 17 Chattels sold to tenants $56.00
August 17 Balance purchase price of chattels 160.00
1945 March 19 Sale of chattels 195.00
Appraisal fee $19.50
Proceeds Auction Sale 24.31
April 23 Legal Fees 15.00
September 19 Proceeds Auction Sale 141.86
$217.98 $2,655.90 CR $2,437.92



F G Shears to Tatsuro Suzuki, 1944


Encoder: Ariel Merriam
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