Michiko Watanabe

Michiko Watanabe

Her family includes Koto Watanabe (mother), Shosaku Watanabe (father), and Nagako Watanabe (sister). Her home address is listed as 905 East Georgia Street, Vancouver, BC. This file appears to be assigned to Michiko Watanabe, but her mother and sister are also listed on the Office of the Custodian form. A memorandum in the file indicates that the administration of this file “is being dealt with” on file 06789, which appears to be the file for her mother.


Regularized NameMichiko Watanabe
Custodian Identification Number15598


Custodian Case Files (1)

Shared Surnames

NameSee also
Sanoru Watanabe
B Watanabe
Bunzo Watanabe
Chikano Watanabe
Chikaya Watanabe
Chiyome Watanabe
D Watanabe
David Watanabe
Fasa Watanabe T Watanabe
Giichiro Watanabe
Goroemon Watanabe
H Watanabe
Hakuzo Watanabe
Haruno Watanabe
Hatsue Watanabe
Hatsuko Watanabe
Hideoyoshi Watanabe
Hilda Watanabe
Hiromi Watanabe
Hiroshi Watanabe
Hisako Watanabe
I. Watanabe
Ichijuro Watanabe
Iku Watanabe
Iku Watanabe
Iku Watanabe
Isamu Watanabe
Isamu Watanabe
Isamu Watanabe
Ito Watanabe
Ito Watanabe
Itoko Watanabe
Janji Watanabe
Jiro Watanabe
Joji Watanabe
Junji Watanabe
Junji Watanabe
Kana Watanabe
Ken Watanabe
Kio Watanabe
Kiwa Watanabe
Kiyoko Watanabe
Koto Watanabe
Koto Watanabe
Ku Watanabe
Masachi Watanabe
Matsutaro Watanabe
Meiko Watanabe
Michiko Watanabe
Misao Watanabe
Misu Watanabe
Misu Watanabe
Miyeno Watanabe
Moto Watanabe
Moto Watanabe
Mrs. F Watanabe
Mrs. H Watanabe
Mrs. K Watanabe
Mrs. M Watanabe
Mutsuo Watanabe
N Watanabe
Nagako Watanabe
Nami Watanabe
Nao Watanabe
Nao Watanabe
Naochi Watanabe
Noakichi Watanabe
Nobuhei Watanabe
Nobuye Watanabe
Noriyoshi Watanabe
S Watanabe
Saboru Watanabe
Saburo Watanabe
Sadakoma Watanabe
Sadame Watanabe
Saitoku Watanabe
Saitoku Watanabe
Shinji Watanabe
Shinpei Watanabe
Shoseku Watanabe
Sone ichi Watanabe
Sumiye Watanabe
Sutejiro Watanabe
Suye Watanabe
Suzue Watanabe
T Watanabe
Tadamasa Watanabe
Tadayoshi Watanabe
Taka Watanabe
Takado Watanabe
Takashi Watanabe
Takazo Watanabe
Takazou Watanabe
Takeo Watanabe
Takiya Watanabe
Tatsuji Watanabe
Teizo Watanabe
Teizo Watanabe
Tomi Watanabe
Tomi Watanabe
Tomi Watanabe
Tomizo Watanabe
Tomizou Watanabe
Tose Watanabe
Tose Watanabe
Toshihiro Watanabe
Toshiko Watanabe
Toshimoto Watanabe
Toshio Watanabe
Toshio Watanabe
Toyo Watanabe
Tsuneharu Watanabe
Tsuya Watanabe
Uhei Watanabe
Uhei Watanabe
Usaku Watanabe
Y Watanabe
Y Watanabe
Yajuro Watanabe
Yasaburou Watanabe
Yasuburo Watanabe
Yoneyuki Watanabe
Yoshio Watanabe
Yoshizo Watanabe
Yoshizou Watanabe
Yoshizou Watanabe
Yukie Watanabe
Yukio Watanabe
Yukiye Watanabe H Watanabe
Yuzo Watanabe
Zazuro Watanabe


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