Chika Sato

Chika Sato

She was born on 20 October 1895. Her maiden name is Chika Nakamura. She was a housewife. Her family includes Tome Nakamura (mother), Sataro Nakamura (father), Tomekichi Sato (husband), Yoshikazu Sato (son), Ryuko Sato (daughter), Hiroko Sato (daughter), and Sueko Sato (daughter). Her home address is listed as 800 East Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC. She was forcibly uprooted to Tashme, BC.


Regularized NameChika Sato
Custodian Identification Number8876
NationalityNaturalized Canadian
Residence (after uprooting)Tashme, BC
Residence (before uprooting)Vancouver


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Shared Surnames

NameSee also
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A Sato
Akisaburo Sato
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Kingo Sato
Kiyoshi Mori
Kiyoshi Mori
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Kunio Sato
Kunitsuna Sato
Lauri Sato
Masao Sato
Masaye Sato
Masso Sato
Matsuye Sato
May Sato
Mickey Sato
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Mitsu Sato
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Miyeko Sato
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Noboru Sato
Nobu Sato
Nobuo Sato
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Ritsuko Sato
Saburo Sato
Saburo Sato
Saburo Sato
Sada Sato
Sadakazu Sato
Sadamu Sato Sadamu Sato
Satoko Sato
Satsuko Sato
Sayoko Sato
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Shigeru Sato
Shime Sato
Shime Sato
Shimeno Sato
Shingo Sato
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Shinichi Sato
Shinji Sato
Shinkichi Sato
Shino Sato
Shinya Sato
Shotaro Sato
Shotaro Sato
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Soshiro Sato
Soyemon Sato
Soyemon Sato
Soyemon Sato
Soyemon Sato
Stephen Sato
Sumi Sato
Sumiko Sato
Sumiko Sato
T. Sato
Tai Sato
Takao Sato
Takayoshi Sato
Takeo Sato
Takeshi Sato
Takeyo Sato
Tamaki Sato
Tasaku Sato
Teruko Sato
Tokugoro Sato
Tokuye Sato
Tomekichi Sato
Tomizo Sato
Tomizo Sato
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Toshio Sato
Toye Sato
Tsui Sato
Tsutae Sato
Tsutae Sato
Tsutae Sato
YOshio Sato
Yasuno Sato
Yesko Sato
Yoshi Sato
YoshiO Sato
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Yoshiaki Sato
Yoshikazu Sato
Yoshiko Sato
Yoshio Sato
Yoshio Sato
Yoshio Sato
Yoshio Sato
Yoshio Sato
Yoshio Sato


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