227696L (1949-11-26)

227696L (1949-11-26)

Title ID 4868
Title Code 227696L
Date 1949-11-26
Transfer Date 1949-11-19
Generation (Custodian)
Generate (Non-custodian)
Polluted Chain 0
Transfer folio also contains previous 2 indentures. The more recent transfer, dated 1890-07-04, includes the sale of the property from Harry J. Levine to Thomas Skinner, for a consideration of $1311.27. The second (earlier) indenture, dated 1890-03-01, includes the sale of the property from Peter Cordiner to Harry J. Levine and Thomas Skinner, for a consideration of $1000.
In transfer folio, on abstract of title, The Custodian of Enemy Property is noted as owner by Vesting Order (filing numbers 35591 and 49307 given), dated 1942-12-29 and 1948-11-12. A title of 205885L is also noted.
Trace application 205885L was investigated, and was followed by traces 205886L and 205887L. These transfers follow the same progression of title as 227696L, 227697L, and 227698L, respectively (but earlier, in 1948) - however, their title documents are cancelled. It appears the same transfer of ownership was attempted in the second year. The Custodian of Enemy Property is not on any transfer document as a seller or owner, but is Vested in the Custodian on transfer 205885L, and also claims the Temple is without the proper documentation for registration (and registration is rejected). Rejection occurred because: Proof of Incorporation and Articles of Association of Grantee Society are missing, a Declaration of Trust is required for 205887L, and the Right to Purchase 98817L is noted as indisposed of. The notice applies to 205885L-7L. In another letter from the Temple's lawyer (A.D. Wilson, plus institution, Wilson & White, 920 Stock Exchange Building) claims to have the necessary documents, except the "Resolution of the Committee of the Hompa Buddhist Temple". A lawyer, "Mr. Locke", is noted as a solicitor for the Custodian and in search of this document.
Document Notes???
Split Ownership
Property ID
Consideration 13100
Declared Value
Market Value 1500
Value per Metre (Source: Consideration) 23.16
Value per Metre (2016) 242.69
Value per Metre (2018) 252.07
Total Area 565.65
Extinguished Properties
The Hompa Buddhist Temple
335 Princess Ave Vancouver BC
Joint Tenants
Marine Engineer
18 Colman Dock Seattle Washington, WA
920 Stock Exchange Bldg. Vancouver BC
H.T. Devine & Company
431 Seymour St Vancouver BC
Preceding Titles
Newer Titles
Nominal Sale False
Consideration 13100
Consideration (2016) 137279
Consideration (2018) 142584
Declared Value
Declared Value (2018) N/A
Market Value 1500
Market Value (2018) 16326
Japanese Buyers 0
Other Asian Buyers 0
Other Buyers 0
Institutional Buyers 2
Some Owners Japanese False
All Owners Japanese False
Some Owners from East Asia False
All Owners from East Asia False
Some Owners Other ??? False
All Owners Other ??? False
Has Human Owner False
Has Institutional Owner True
Has Custodian Owner False
Has VLA Owner ??? False
Japanese Sellers 0
Other Asian Sellers 0
Other Sellers 2
Institutional Sellers 0
Some Sellers Japanese False
All Sellers Japanese False
Some Sellers East Asia Other False
All Sellers East Asia Other False
Some Sellers Other True
All Sellers Other True
Has Human Seller True
Has Institutional Seller False
Has Custodian Seller False
Has VLA Seller False



227696L (1949-11-26)
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