Chief Inspector Correspondence

Chief Inspector Correspondence


Title Proper F0 GR0435 BOX 048 FILE 436
Date(s) 1939
General material designation
This file contains a textual record.
Scope and content
This file contains a list of fishing vessels over ten tons in 1938. The list includes Japanese Canadian–owned vessels that were seized in 1942 (some with certainty others by conjecture):
“Arrandale M” owned by Toranosuke Miki; “Early Field”, owned by Mangero Kurahashi; “Grayfish II” owned by Masaichi Ohashi; “Holly L” owned by Genichi Kodama; “Izumi 3” owned by Jisaburo Kasho; “Kitaka” owned by Ryotara Kita; “Kamchatka” owned by Ryotara Kita; “Lulu Island” owned by Inosuke Yamamoto; “Lake Biwa” owned by Sotaro Isogai; “Menzies Bay” owned by Hakuzo Watanabe; “New Liverpool” owned by Nisuke Nakanichi; “Otter Bay” owned by Yahei Tanaka; “Point Yoho” owned by Genichi Kodama; “Porlier Pass” owned by Hitoshi Tanaka; “Rose City” owned by Ryotara Kita; “Rose N.” owned by Yoshitaro Hashimoto and Yasuichiro Nakai; “Sea Luck” owned by Genichi Kodama; “Sunrise Maid” original name “Ibuki” owned by Hisakichi Yamamoto and Chokichi Nishimura; “Steveston 3” owned by Senkichi Ikari; “Seiner” owned by Takutaro Tanaka; “Shuchona 4” owned by Matsu Tanaka; “Three Aces” owned by Mrs. Yasu Shiraichi; “Western Maid” owned by the Union Trading Co.
Also on the list is the “Ryuo 2” which was owned by Kitaro Nitta, Steveston, from 1929 to 1931; but at the time of the dispossession it was owned by Walter Carr and John Kosulandish who had bought it in 1935 from Northern Chief Packers. Another vessel with a similar history is the “Anthony J” which was designed and built by Jirokichi Arimoto in 1929. The “Anthony J” was sold to Sam Jasich in 1933 and owned by the Canadian Fishing Company in 1943. U. Mizobuchi built the “Burnaby M” in 1927 and sold it to D.J. Cousineau; Masatoro Mukai owned the vessel in 1931 and Canadian  Fish and Cold Storage owned it prior to World War II.
Other vessels of interest:
“Broughton 1” owned by Chosuke Nakamura 1927-1937; “Broughton 2” Chosuke Nakamura 1927-1939 built by Y. Kawaguchi; “B.C. Maid” built by Yasujiro Nakade in 1927 for Yahei Takenaka until 1937; “Cape Sun” owned by Matakichi Ohara, 1931-1937; “Chief Y” owned by Chochiro Yoshida in 1931; “Delmar” original name “Ryuo” built by Yasujiro Nakade (Nakade Boat Works), owned by Kitaro Nitta 1927-1931; “Essential” owned by Zenzo Uyeno in 1931; “Elva M II” original name “Handy Billy” (Nakade Boat Works) owned by Yasuichi Sakai, 1927-1931; “Frank A.M.” built by Uichi Nakade, Steveston, 1925; “Irene May” owned by T. Uyeda, 1929, and Mrs. Tomo Uyeda and Toshio Machida, 1931-1937; “Izumi” built by Tsunematsu Atagi (Atagi Boat Works), 1917, and owned by Shinosore Kuroyama, Steveston, 1917-1929; “Izumi 6” owned by Jisaburo Kasho, 1928-1931; “Jedway” built by Uichi Nakade, 1918, and owned by Kototara Ota, 1918-1926; “Jabalo” built by O. Suga in 1928, owned by Robert G. Johnstone and Mrs. Sakaye Suga, 1928-1937; “Jessie Island 1” owned by Genichi Kodama and Aikimatsu Tabata, 1927; “Kinkasan A” built by Kuniji Sasaki in 1929; “Maple Leaf C” (Atagi Boat Works) owned by Chokichi Nishimura, Steveston, 1929-1931; “Martha K” (Nakade Boat Works) owned by Shinosuke Kariya, 1929-1933; “Newcastle 1” (unknown: pretty much all “Newcastle” 3-9 were at one point J-C owned, #4 was seized in 1942); “Nishihama” (unknown); “Nasaga” (unknown); “Percy W.” original name “Port Essington No. II” built by Sadakishi Yamanaka, 1928, owned by Hichisaburo Kameda, Port Essington, in same year; “Port Essington” ” built by Sadakishi Yamanaka, owned by Hichisaburo Kameda, 1927-1928; “Shizuoka” built and owned by Sobei Takahashi in 1927; “Shuchona 3” (unknown but 1,2 and 4 were all Atagi built and J-C owned at some point; “White Wave” built by Kiyoji Kichikawa in 1927 and owned until 1931; “Yuri M” (unknown).This file also contains a memorandum by Deputy Minister George Alexander, 7 February 1939, declaring that there will be “no official reduction” in the number of fishing licences issued to Japanese Canadian fishermen. Further, Alexander asserted that a set number of these licences will be reserved for returned soldiers.
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The digital copies of the records were acquired by the Landscapes of Injustice Research Collective between 2014 and 2018.
This record was digitized selectively.



Chief Inspector Correspondence
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