Browse Legal Cases

Browse Legal Cases

The legal case file index can be browsed by name of each case, date of judgement, plaintiffs, defendants (or Respondents if an appeal), as well as by the judges who rendered the decision. Each case has a summary of the verdict and background. A full copy of the document, typically from Western Weekly Reports publications, can be downloaded.
Title Date Plaintiffs Defendants Appelants Respondents Judges
Re Homma 28 November 1900
British Columbia v Homma 08 March 1901
Cooksley v Nakashiba 17 July 1901
Tanaka et al. v Russell 11 February 1902
Reference re: British Columbia Provincial Elections Act, 1897 04 July 1902
Tanaka v Russell 01 August 1902
Re Kanamura 27 April 1904
R v Aho 18 November 1904
Canada v Malsufuro 19 March 1908
Jones v Okada 01 June 1908
Re Fukuichi Aho 11 January 1909
Whitla v Toye 12 February 1909
Ishitaka v British Columbia Land and Investment Agency, Ltd. 23 November 1910
Bingham v Shumate 28 March 1911
British Columbia Land and Investment Agency Ltd. v. Ishitaka 04 October 1911
Municipal Elections Act (Re) 05 January 1912
Bingham v Shumate 29 October 1912
Canada v Singh 28 November 1913
R v Quong-Wing 12 February 1914
Nakata v Dominion Fire Insurance Co 26 March 1915
Dominion Fire Insurance Co v Nakata 19 October 1915
Yamashita v Hudson Bay Insurance Co. 29 October 1918
Matsui & Co v Brown 07 November 1919
Matsui & Co v Brown (BCAC) 27 April 1920
British Columbia (Attorney General) v Canada (Minister of Justice) 22 June 1920
Rex v Nyshimura 28 June 1920
Cleary et al v. Hite 24 May 1921
Re Oriental Orders in Council Validation Act 07 February 1922
Reference re: Act to validate and confirm orders in council and provisions relating to the employment of persons on Crown property (British Columbia) 07 February 1922
Grant v Matsubayashi and Tanabe 16 June 1922
Fujita and Company, Limited (Plaintiff) Respondent v. Northern Fruit Company, Limited (Defendant) Appellant 20 December 1922
Re Nippon Kinyu Sha Ltd, Ex p Totaro Fujino 05 January 1923
Reference re: Act to Validate and Confirm Orders in Council and Provisions to the Employment of Persons on Crown Property (B.C.) 12 July 1923
Conds v Kabota 04 May 1925
Yee Clun v City of Regina 14 November 1925
R v Nozaki 24 March 1926
Canadian American Shipping Company, Limited v SS “Woron” 06 July 1926
SS "WORON" v CAN AM SHIPPING Co, Ltd 10 November 1926
In re Nakauchi Estate 14 June 1927
Snia Viscoha Societa Nazionale Industria Applicazioni Viscosa v Yuri Maru (The) 05 July 1927
R v Wakabayashi 05 January 1928
Fukukawa v American Timber Holding Co. 06 March 1928
Canada v Nishi 24 August 1928
Rex v Clun 16 November 1928
Canada v Samejima 29 June 1931
Davis v. Yoshida 22 September 1931
R v Samejima 30 October 1931
Canada v Samejima (BCAC) 28 January 1932
Samejima v The King 27 April 1932
Samejima v Canada 27 April 1932
R v Takagashi 24 October 1932
Mori v Lion Lumber Co. 25 October 1932
Vancouver Salt Co. v. R. Tabata and Co. (Trustee of) 01 December 1932
Young v Uchiyama 08 March 1933
Young v Uchiyama (BCAC) 14 June 1933
Fujiwara v Osawa 16 January 1936
Fujiwara v Osawa 02 June 1937
Ogawa v Fujiwara 17 February 1938
Ogawa v Fujiwara 17 February 1938
R v Shim 26 April 1938
Reference re: British North America Act, 1867 (U.K.), s. 91 17 June 1938
Hanada v British Columbia Electric Railway Co. 01 May 1939
Christie v York Corp 10 May 1939
Irizawa v Corner 21 December 1939
Murakami Estate v Henderson 12 February 1942
Ponyicky v Sawayama 29 September 1942
In re Shawaga Estate 02 October 1942
In re Shawaga Estate Bogucki v. Western Trust Company and Custodian of Enemy Property (No. 3) 02 October 1942
Reference Re: Regulations in Relation to Chemicals 14 December 1942
Ponyicki v Sawayama 02 February 1943
Shapiro et al v Wilkinson 02 November 1943
In re The Saskatchewan Insurance Act In re Shawaga Estate (No. 2) 15 May 1944
Nakashima v Canada 29 May 1944
Wilkinson v Shapiro 14 November 1944
Reference re Deportation of Japanese 24 January 1946
Reference Re: Persons of Japanese Race 24 January 1946
Co-Operative Committee on Japanese Canadians v Canada (Attorney General) 16 July 1946
Suzuki v Ionian Leader (The) 21 June 1950



Browse Legal Cases
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Readers of these historical materials will encounter derogatory references to Japanese Canadians and euphemisms used to obscure the intent and impacts of the internment and dispossession. While these are important realities of the history, the Landscapes of Injustice Research Collective urges users to carefully consider their own terminological choices in writing and speaking about this topic today as we confront past injustice. See our statement on terminology, and related sources here.